Michael Goldberg

American, 1924–2007

Two Blues, 1960

Oil on paper 

14 x 17 inches

Signed upper right

Often described as a second-generation abstract expressionist painter, Goldberg shrugged off such labels, considering them too restrictive and limiting. “Art comes out of art, and in most instances doesn’t spring full blown from the head of Zeus,” he once explained.

The strong sense of gesture in Two Blues, characterized by paint sprays and obvious brushwork, relates to Goldberg’s overall body of work, but the cool palette sets it apart. Goldberg creates a sense of the painting as an object by building up paint on the paper (his media of choice during the period) and using a palette brush to create texture. This painting seems constructed rather than painted, and the gestural white brushwork stands out amidst Goldberg’s emotional blues and browns.